Creating a formatted List of IDs for Use in a CROA Filter


Creating a formatted List of IDs for Use in a CROA Filter


When you want to select a specific set of IDs in CROA, they must be formatted with a ‘;’ between the IDs in the list. Here are the steps to get the list into that format.

These instructions assume you have already exported a list of ID numbers from Colleague


1. Open the Excel grid and highlight the column of ids you want to use in your CROA report.  
2. Select and Copy the ID numbers  
3. Open a blank Word document  

4. Right click in the body of the blank document a do a “Paste”, selecting the “Keep Text Only” option.

If there were any headers, column sum or counts, delete them from the document. Your document should look something like this:


5. Click   from the Home tab of the Ribbon to find all paragraph marks and replace with ;
  • Find what = ^p
  • Replace with = ;
6. Click Replace All
  • Your document should now look like this:
7. Select All (Ctrl+A)  
8. Copy (Ctrl+C)  
9. Open the appropriate report in CROA  
10. Paste the copied IDs into the report query filter or filter prompt  
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