Faculty - Viewing SafeAssign Originality Report


Faculty - Viewing SafeAssign Originality Report 

SafeAssign is a plagiarism checker built into Blackboard Learn assignments. Instructors can use SafeAssign to review assignment submissions for plagiarism potential and create opportunities to help students identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase. After students submit their assignments, you can view SafeAssign's originality report for plagiarism matches. This article will walk you through the steps to view the report for a student's submission.

View this article to create an assignment for submission through SafeAssign.


1. In the Blackboard Course Navigation Menu under Course Management, click Grade Center.

2. Then click Full Grade Center.


3. Locate a student submission and click the down arrow next to the yellow circle/exclamation point.

4. Click Attempt (Attempt is followed by the date of the student's attempt) This will open the student's paper for you to read and grade.


On the right hand side, you will see the place where you enter the grade.

Below that, you will see SafeAssign and the percentage of matches (ex. 83% overall match)

5. Click on the words, SafeAssign.

6. Then click the View Originality Report button.


7. The originality report will open and show the student's paper with matches highlighted in different colors. 

The report is divided into three sections: 

  • Report Summary
  • Citations
  • Submission

8. Report Summary

The Report Summary is located in the top section of the report. 

Click Access Report Summary to view the Overall Risk of citations in the paper including what percentage of citations match. 

Note: If a student submitted multiple attachments, they will be listed in the report information.

9. Citations

Any sources that match the test of the submitted paper will be listed in the right panel of the report. 

Click the source type to view more about the match. 

Each source is numbered and corresponds with the highlighted text on the submission.

Next to the source, you can select Highlight match to go between highlighting.

You can also click Open match source to view the matching source text.


10. Submission

The student submission appears to the left of the report panel. All matching text is identified and each source has a specific color associated with it. 

The text matching the source is highlighted and numbered. In the Citations panel, you can select Highlight match to turn source highlighting on and off for all sources or individual sources. 

11. Additional information such as Word Count, submission date, and the unique identifiers for the submission and attachments are located below the Submission

You can also view a printable version of the Originality Report. The printable version is the most effective way to view the report for users that use assertive technology. The printing capability is located at the top of the report page.

You can also download a PDF version of the report by selecting the download icon located in the upper right corner of the report.

12. When you are finished with the SafeAssign Originality report, close the window and you will be back on the screen to enter the student's grade.

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