Faculty and Students - How to Record and Submit a Flipgrid Video


Faculty and Students - How to Record and Submit a Flipgrid Video


Your instructor may ask you to participate in a discussion using Flipgrid. Flipgrid is a video discussion tool that allows you to record short videos in response to a topic or question. Follow the directions below on how to record and submit a Flipgrid video in your course. 


1. Navigate to your course in Blackboard where Flipgrid is being used. 




2. Click on the link provided by your instructor to access Flipgrid.

Note: You may also download the Flipgrid app to your mobile device and access Flipgrid with the Join Code provided by your instructor. 




3. Click the Record a Response button on the Flipgrid page.



4. A new window will appear where you can begin recording your video.

Click the Video Camera icon to being recording.

Note: You will be provided with a 3 second countdown before the recording begins. 




5. Click the Pause button when you are finished recording.  



6. Click the green arrow to Review your video. 



7. After reviewing your video, click the green arrow once more to take a Selfie that will be used as the video thumbnail image.

Click the Camera icon to take your Selfie picture. 



8. When satisfied, click the green arrow once more to upload and process your video. 



9. Edit your Display Name and provide any other additional information that you wish.

Then click Submit



10. Your video has now been posted to Flipgrid.




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