Starfish Attendance Term Exporting

Starfish Attendance Exporting

This article is not for Faculty members to submit their attendance.  That article is located HERE.  

Refresh the Exporter files:


Before updating and refreshing reports — do a full push of the Exporter Data in Starfish.  Kris or Robert usually does this step.

For a full push of the Exporter you will need to do the following:

The file has a field, datapumptask.lastexecutionmillis, that specifies the timestamp. If the client would like to request a full push of their exporter they will need to do the following.

1.      Stop the exporter service

2.      Edit the file and set the datapumptask.lastexecutionmillis=TIMESTAMP_YOU_WANT

·         to find the timestamp they want, is helpful

·         if the client would like to do a full push of their export files they can leave the datapumptask.lastexecutionmillis field blank

3.Restart the datapump.

So along with the timestamp you will need to restart the datapump so that that the full push is triggered.

Go to Starfish and start the push.

Log into Starfish

Click on ADMIN tab

Expand ‘Integrations’

Select ‘EXPORTER’ and check the box ‘Perform a one-time data push now’


Wait for the push to complete, verify the updated files in this directory.


This example is after an incremental push, we will be doing a full push, so the files will be larger than shown below.


After the push completes successfully, start the reporting process.



The Reporting Process:


Next verify student counts in Starfish and update the reports and refresh them.  Here are the steps.


1)      Reports are located in CROA MCCC Reports — IT — Starfish — Starfish Attendance


2)      Run ‘STARFISH Attendance test flags’ and update the prompts.  Check the counts at the bottom of the report.


3)      Open starfish, and impersonate someone that has ‘Advisor All Students’ role, like Stefanie Crouse.

4)      Click on Students Tab, and create a filter that matches the prompt used in the RuleName prompt in the above CROA report. Submit filter and make sure the counts in Starfish and CROA are the same.



5)      You are going to create 3 reports in CROA.

6)      Open the CROA report called  ‘Starfish Total Attendance for YYYYSS with FA indicator’


7)      Update the filters

a.       Query 1

                                                              i.      Combined Query 1

The Starfish term has no slash, update to current term.  The RuleName represents the flags issued for the mini term(s) where attendance has already been reported for the student. Always include “Attendance Reporting not submitted” in this filter.

Do not modify Resolve Date prompt.


ii. Combined Query 2


Update the Enrollment Term.  Update the Topic Codes for all the mini terms used in the RuleName prompt in combined query 1.



                                                            ii.      Combined Query 3, use the same filter values you put in combined query 1.



b.      Query 4 verify terms and other filters

c.       Query 5 verify terms, Award Period for FA and other filters

8)      Run this query.  This report is the total attendance report for all students.

9)      Save As “Starfish Total Attendance for YYYYSS with FA indicator’changing YYYYSS to the current term and semester like ‘Starfish Total Attendance for 2015FA with FA indicator’. Export only the second tab of the report ‘All Active sections for students’ and email(see **NOTE) to Sherry, Tracey and Stefanie

10)   Stay in this report.  In the tab ‘All active sections for students’ create a filter to get only the students not attended. Highlight the column Attendance 2 and add these filters to the report.

11)  Do not save the report with this filter, only export the data and get the ids.

12)  Run the report and export the output to excel.

13)  Copy the student ids from the tab ‘All Active sections for students’ and paste into Word.

14)  In Word, replace the carriage return with a semi-colon so that the student ids can be placed into a filter in CROA.

15)  Close the report without saving.

16)  Open the CROA report ‘Starfish No Show Attendance for YYYYSS All Students’

17)  In Query 4, paste the student ids (that you created in Word) into the Enrolled Student ID filter.

a.       Query 1 and Query 5 — verify all the other filters are up to date, compare to report ‘Starfish Total Attendance for YYYYSS with FA indicator’, they should match.

18)  Refresh the report

19)  Save the report with the term like ‘Starfish No Show Attendance for 2015FA All Students’

20)  Validate in Datatel and Starfish, spot check some student id’s to make sure the attendance is correct.

21)  This is the no show report for all students. Export only the second tab of the report ‘All Active sections for students’ and email (See **Note)to Tracey, Sherry, and Stefanie.

22)  Stay in this report, we are going to create a new report from this one, for just FA students.

23)  Create a filter on the FA Student column in the report tab ‘All Active sections for students’. FA Student = Yes.  Only FA Students are returned.

24)   Refresh the report with this filter, and Save As “Starfish No Show Attendance for 2015FA only FA students’ putting the active term in the title.

25)  Export only the second tab of the report ‘All Active sections for students’ and email (see **Note) this to Tracey.


**Note: On occasion an instructor may put the flag on the students record twice in Starfish, resulting in the ‘#MULTIVALUE” in the Attendance 2 column of the report.  From Excel, find all the #MULTIVALUE occurrences and replace with the attendance flag show on the student record in Starfish.


Checking for and correcting this ‘#MULTIVALUE” in the Attendance 2 column needs to be done on all three exported reports before emailing.


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