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Repair sync connections in OneDrive for Business


You can fix sync errors you get while you use the OneDrive for Business sync app by choosing View sync problems in the OneDrive for Business menu in the system tray.

View sync problems in the error resolution window

An error dialog box opens that describes any current sync problems and suggests actions you can take to fix them. Sometimes, you might prefer to just clear all sync errors at once, or you might see this error:

“An error occurred while attempting to synchronize this document library”

In either case, you can run Repair instead of trying to fix each sync error one at a time.

Run Repair on your libraries

1. In the system tray, right-click or press and hold the OneDrive for Business menu icon  System tray warning icon for OneDrive for Business sync app, and then choose Repair. Repair sync connections using the OneDrive for Business sync app

2. In the dialog box, choose Repair.

Repair reports your progress until all sync connections are reset.

3. Choose Finish

Screen shot of the Repair your OneDrive for Business Libraries dialog box

IMPORTANT    Don’t restart your computer while Repair is running. If you have a timed auto-restart scheduled for your computer, postpone it until you’re sure Repair is finished.

If repairing your sync connection doesn’t solve your problem, see "Method 2: Remove your OneDrive for Business cache" in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article: “An error occurred while attempting to synchronize this document library” error in OneDrive for Business

What happens when you run Repair?

Repair does the following:

  • Disconnects all libraries that were experiencing sync problems.

  • Reconnects these libraries. This means Repair downloads and syncs the current server version of each library, as if you were syncing for the first time.

  • Creates an archive copy of any file that had unsynced changes and places these files in a library folder under C:\users\username\OneDrive for Business archives\.

    Repair creates these archive copies in case you had updates that couldn’t be synced to the server before you started Repair. This ensures that you don’t lose any local updates. You can compare file versions in the archive library folder with the reconnected folder to make sure you have the version you want.

Why don’t I see the Repair command?

The Repair command appears in the OneDrive for Business menu only if you’re experiencing sync errors. 

If you’re experiencing sync errors but you still don’t see the Repair command, you might need to update the OneDrive for Business sync app.


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