Students - Switching from a Visual Aid to your Camera in Blackboard Collaborate


Students - Switching from a Visual Aid to your Camera in Blackboard Collaborate


If given the ability by your Instructor, you may be able to share content in Blackboard Collaborate. Having the ability to share content in Collaborate may help you when asked to present in a remote setting. 

This article will walk you through how to switch between sharing content and your video in Collaborate.

Note: It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers when using Blackboard Collaborate. 


1. Navigate and access Blackboard Collaborate in your course.  

2. Click the microphone and video buttons at the bottom of the session window to turn on your microphone and camera.

Note: When the microphone and camera are off, both icons will be visible with a line through them. When the microphone and camera are on, the line will no longer be visible. 


3. To share your file, click the purple tab in the lower right corner to open the Collaborate Panel.


3. From the Collaborate Panel, click the Share Content button. 



4. Select Share Application/Screen.

Note: Please be sure you close out of any applications you may have open on your computer that may be a distraction when sharing your computer screen. You can also select the "Share File" option to upload a file you may wish to share instead.  


5. Click the computer screen directly under the Your Entire Screen tab. This is the default option. 

Note: This option will show your entire computer screen. The example provided is using the Google Chrome browser.



6. The Share button will now be active. Click Share to share your computer screen.




7. Wait until you see the Stop Sharing bar appear at the bottom of your screen.

You will notice that your collaborate space will look as if you are in a tunnel. This is because you have shared your computer screen and the window you are in is currently in the collaborate space. 



8. Open the PowerPoint, file, or visual aid you want to share. 

Note: You will know that you are still sharing your screen when the Stop Sharing bar is visible at the bottom of your screen.  


9. After you are finished sharing the file, click Stop Sharing from the box at the bottom of your screen. 

The camera will be the only item that will be showing to those in the Collaborate session. 


10. When you are ready to re-share your file, navigate back to the Share Content space from the Collaborate panel and click Share Application/Screen and select Entire Screen.

The Stop Sharing bar will re-appear at the bottom of the screen indicating that you are now sharing your computer screen again. 


11. Repeat this process for the remainder of your presentation, as needed.   
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