Faculty - Recording your screen while writing on your iPad



Faculty - Recording Your Screen While Writing on Your iPad

These steps and directions were created using an iPad Pro operating on iOS 13.

Activating screen recording on your iPad

1. Go to Settings on your iPad. 
2. Go to Control Center option.
3. Select Customized Controls. 

4. Tap the plus sign next to Screen Recording to enable it.

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Recording your screen and writing on your iPad 

For the purposes of this article, we will show how to record a PowerPoint; however, any thing you bring up on your screen whether it be Notes, a document, or an application will be recorded. To follow these steps, be sure to download the Office 365 PowerPoint app. Also, be sure your PowerPoint(s) are saved and available on your OneDrive. 

Tips for recording: 

1. Create videos that are approximately 10 minutes in length. 

2. Keep your iPad on a flat surface or propped in a way that avoids movement during recording (this avoids the microphone from picking up movement and static). 

3. Speak clearly into the iPad. 

1. Launch the PowerPoint App    

2. Choose Existing Office 365 Users? Sign In and log in with your college credentials.  


3. Set your notification preferences. 

Note: To protect your data, the app will be restarted. 


4. Re-open the PowerPoint app, tap the Open button, then select the OneDrive option and locate your presentation. 

5. Tap the Play icon in the top-right corner to start Presentation Mode.   
6. From within PowerPoint, swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen to reveal the Control Center. 

7. Select the Moon icon to enable Do Not Disturb mode to prevent notifications (i.e. calls, texts, etc) from coming through during your presentation. 


Note: Be sure to turn off Do Not Disturb to receive notifications again when you have finished your recording. 

8. To start recording, press the record button for a few seconds and then tap the Microphone icon if it is off. Microphone audio will be recorded when Microphone On is displayed.

9. Tap Start Recording and wait for the 3 second count down. 

10. Close the Control Center by tapping in a white area on the screen to reveal your PowerPoint presentation again. 



11. Begin presenting on your PowerPoint and write on it as needed or preferred. 

Note: For a demonstration of this and more tips and tricks, please watch the short video demonstration below.

12. When finished your presentation, tap the red status bar at the top of your screen and select stop.

If the status bar is hidden, swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen to open the Control Center, then tap the Record button to stop the recording.

13. This will save your video recording to the Photos App. 

Watch Video - Recording your screen and writing on your iPad

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