Integrating Microsoft Teams into Blackboard


Integrating Microsoft Teams into Blackboard



Go into your Blackboard course that you desire to integrate Microsoft Teams 

Once in your course, make sure Edit Mode is “ON” (top right of your screen) 


Navigate to the bottom of your main menu to: 

  1. Control Panel 
  1. Course Tools 
  1. Microsoft Teams 


If prompted, select Allow for the connection between Blackboard and Microsoft Teams to complete.  



Select the Sign-in button 









Enter your MC3 email address and select Next 


Enter your MC3 Password and select Sign In. 


If promoted, select Accept for permissions requested.  


Select Create Meeting Link to create a Team Meeting.  


Provide a Name for your meeting and choose your start and end dates. 

Note: Set your End Date far in the future if you want to keep a reoccurring meeting space without having to recreate a link each time.  

Select Create in the top left to finish your meeting set up.  


Select Add to Calendar 

This will also copy the meeting link to your computer’s clipboard. You don’t need to do anything for that to happen.  


Also, right mouse click Join Microsoft Teams Meeting to copy the URL.  This URL will get you into the session.  


Select the plus sign in the top left-hand corner of your course menu.  

Then, select Web Link.  


Enter a Name for the Link  

Paste the link that was copied when you created your session into the URL Box 

  • Paste on PC = CTRL + V 
  • Paste on MAC = Command + V 

Select Available to Users if you are ready for others to see the link.  

Select Submit.  



You can drag and drop the location of the link on your menu by hovering to the left of the name and dragging up or down.  


You also have a context menu to rename the link, change the URL link (via Web Link), or hide/unhide the link.  




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