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Change default reply setting from "reply all" to "reply"              

In the September 2015 update of Outlook Web Access for Office 365, the default reply setting changed from "reply" to "reply all". This could cause users to inadvertently reply to all users in an email thread when they intended to reply to the sender.


When viewing a message within your reading pane or separate window, you will see the following button:



The default action is to perform a "reply all".  
To reply or forward the message, you must click on the down arrow next to this action and select the desired action.



To change OWA’s default setting back to "Reply":





1. Click Settings gear icon 

2. Select Mail under "Your App settings"

3. Expand Automatic Processing section under "Mail" on the left

4. Select Reply Settings   
5. Select the Reply setting and click Save



6. Return to your Outlook message screen. The default action will now be Reply


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