How to Register for a Test


How to Register for a Test 


Please note: At this time, these instructions apply only to Nursing students that need to sign up for a clinical test. If you need to sign up for a Proctored Exam, please refer to the referral email you received from the Testing Center. These tests are still managed through Starfish. 


You can register for a test using the Student Exam Registration Form. As depicted below, from this form, you can see:

  1. Current course registrations (these are courses in which have test registration requirements)
  2. Current test registrations (these are tests you have already registered for)
  3. Available tests to register for

After choosing a test, you will then be able to choose a date and time for the test. Once the form is complete, select Register at the bottom of the form. After you register, you will receive a conformation email. 


Need to cancel a test registration? There will be a link in the registration confirmation email to "confirm or cancel you appointment". If you need additional help, please contact the department with which you have scheduled the test to cancel. For example, for a Nursing Clinical, contact the The Nursing Skills Suite at 215-619-7464. 


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