CROA - Setting general preferences


 Setting general preferences


BI launch pad general preferences determine what appears in the default view of the software.


Your administrator configures default values for preferences in the Central Management Console (CMC) in the BI platform. You can optionally modify some preferences in the BI launch pad. However, if the administrator updates the default preferences for your user group in the CMC, the launch pad reverts to those preferences.


 If the Preferences menu is not available on the header panel in the BI launch pad, you do not have the "Change preferences for objects that the user owns" right assigned in the Central Management Console (CMC) in the BI platform. To request access, contact your system administrator.


  1. On the header panel, click Preferences.

     2.  In the Preferences dialog box appears, showing general preference options.

 The Preferences dialog box, click General.

     3. Clear the Use Default Settings (Administrator defined) check box.


To restore the default BI launch pad preferences set in the CMC by your administrator (and apply any updates implemented after you customized BI launch pad preferences), select Use Default Settings (Administratordefined). The options in the Preferences dialog box revert to their default values and are read-only.

     4. Choose the view to display when the launch pad starts:

          a. To display the Home tab, select Home tab, and choose one of the following options:

                — To choose the default view that your administrator configured, select Default Home tab. If your administrator did not configure a                         default BI launch pad view, the BI platform Home tab is used.

                — To choose a custom view, select Select Home tab, click Browse Home tab, choose a tab in the Select aCustom Home tab dialog                           box, and click Open.


If a BI workspaces view was created for SAP Jam or SAP StreamWork, it is listed in the Select aCustom Home tab dialog box.

         b. To display the Documents tab, select Documents tab, and select the drawer and folder to open by default.

             You can select the My Documents, Folders, or Categories drawer. For example, if you want the My Documents drawer to open to your                BI Inbox when you log on, select My Documents and My Inbox.

     5. Under Choose columns displayed in Documents tab, select which column headings to display in the summary information, for each object.

         For example, to display a column for SAP Jam or SAP StreamWork collaboration, select the Collaboration /Discussion Status check box.

     6.  Under Set document viewing location, choose whether to open documents on a new browser tab or in a new browser window. 

     7.  In the Set the maximum number of items per page box, enter the maximum number of objects to display per page when viewing a list of             objects.

     8.  Click Save & Close.

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