Faculty - Getting Started with Blackboard Analytics


Faculty - Getting Started with Blackboard Analytics

Learning Analytics can be used to guide faculty in decisions regarding student retention and course design.  By using the data, faculty can determine student behavior trends and in turn personalize the student learning environment, identify potential learning concerns, and adjust the course content flow.  The way learning analytics is defined and implemented may vary, including:

  1. for individual learners to reflect on their achievements and patterns of behavior in relation to others;
  2. as predictors of students requiring extra support and attention;
  3. to help teachers and support staff plan supporting interventions with individuals and groups;
  4. for functional groups seeking to improve current courses or develop new curriculum offerings; and
  5. for institutional administrators making decisions on matters such as marketing and recruitment or efficiency and effectiveness measures.

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Blackboard Analytics

Analytics for Learn gives data to determine the level of student interactions, student course accesses, and student submissions within the course.  Blackboard Analytics is a reporting tool that provides instructors the ability to view data from their course, analyze the information, and report back on different areas within the course.  Blackboard Analytics for Learn provides four reports for instructors to view within each course.  Using the reports, instructors can define the following outcomes:

  • Reviewing student accesses, interactions, and submissions within the course. 
  • Identifying at-risk students based upon their interactions, grades, and time in course.
  • Examining course item count in relation to other courses within the department, and delivery type (online, hybrid, or face-to-face) 


Using Blackboard Analytics for Learn

The next three steps will need to be completed for each course.  In addition, all these steps must be completed in order to gain an accurate data reading.

Step 1: Setting the External Grade Column

Setting the External Grade Column helps the students identify their final grade (typically the Weighted Total or Total column.) The external grade is the column Blackboard Analytics for Learn uses in the data collection.  The external grade column will have a checkmark in a green circle at the column name.   

1. Log into your Blackboard Course.

2. Under the Control Panel, click the Grade Center button.
3. From the menu, click Full Grade Center.
4. Next to the column name, click the chevron (circle with drop down arrow).

5. From the drop down menu, select Set as External Grade.
6. You will notice that the circle with the green check mark has moved to the column. 
Note: The change to the External Grade column, will take 24 hours to be reflected   change in the data.




Step 2: Making Analytics visible within the course

1. Log into your Blackboard Course.

2. Under the Control Panel, click the Customization button.
3. From the menu, click Tool Availability.
4. Scroll down and next to “Course Analytics (Instructor  Reports)” and “Course Analytics (Student Report)”  click in the boxes to checkmark the content.

5. At the bottom of the page, click the Submit button.






Step 3: How to Access the Data after Turning on Blackboard Analytics

1. Under the Control Panel, click the Evaluation button.

2. Under Evaluation, click Course Analytics.
3. Click the name of the report you want to run.






Standard Analytics Reports

1. Course At-a-Glance - This report examines this course against other courses in the same department/discipline.

2. Activity and Grade Scatter Plot - This report plots the distribution of student activity against their grades in this course.
3. Activity Matrix - This report shows a visual representation of student activity in the course.
4. Course Submission Summary - This report shows a   summary of user submissions. 
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