Faculty - Blackboard Analytics: Course Submission Summary



Faculty - Blackboard Analytics: Course Submission Summary



This document will review and explain one of the pre-set Blackboard Analytic reports available to the instructor within each course. It contains a brief description of the report, an explanation of how to run the report, and an explanation of each area within the report.


Course Submission Summary

This report helps instructors see a summary report of student submissions within the course using this report. Instructors can analyze and identify: 

  • Students who are not engaged in the course by displaying trends and numbers of submissions compared to the average across all students in that course. 

Students below the average may not be sufficiently engaged in the course and may indicate the need for additional assistance.   

Course Submission Summary screen shot

How to Access Course Submission Summary   

1. Under the Control Panel, click the Evaluation button.

2. Under Evaluation, click Course Analytics.
3. Click on Course Submission Summary text. 


Learn Course Information

Several of the reports contain the Learn Course Information at the top. Located below is a description of each, how it is pulled, and what the identifiers mean.

Course Information screen shot

Instructor: is the person teaching the course based on information pulled from Datatel (Colleague). 

Instructor and Course ID Fields

Course ID: is pulled from Datatel (Colleague). 
Term: is the year and semester.

Term and Status fields

Status: is the course available (currently running) or inactive (previous semesters). 
Instruction Method: is used to determine if the course is face-to-face, hybrid, or online. This is used to compare like courses within the department.  Instruction Method and Students Enrolled field
Students Enrolled: is the number of students enrolled in this particular course.
College: is based upon MCCC’s division structure.

College and Department fields

Department: is based on MCCC’s discipline/department structure.

Student Activity Summary displays information and submission activity for each student: 

Student: The name of the student as a link to the Student at a Glance report. Click on the link to show the individual student activity compared to the course average. 

If you click on the students’ name, the following information will appear:

Student submission activity screen shot

If you allow students to view their reports this is the report they would see. For details on student report view, see the Blackboard Analytics Student Report document. Note: In the Compared to Course Average Report, the student view, any reference to “You” means the specific student.
Enroll Status:  The enrollment status of the student from the student information system.


  The following colors are conditionally displayed for all measures.  

Student Activity Key

Submissions:  (any assignments, discussion board posts, tests submitted in the course, etc.) The number of student submissions by submission type for the given Blackboard Course.

Student submissions and average

Avg.:  The average number of student submissions for the submission type for the given Blackboard course.
Date of Last Submission:  The date of the student’s last submission for the course.

Days Since Last Submission:  The number of days since the last submission for submission type for the course.
Last Submission Type:  The last submission type displaying in the report row for that student.  

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