Faculty - Blackboard Analytics: Course Activity Matrix



Faculty - Blackboard Analytics: Course Activity Matrix

This document will review and explain one of the pre-set Blackboard Analytic reports available to the instructor within each course.  It contains a brief description of the report, an explanation of how to run the report, and an explanation of each area within the report. 


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Activity Matrix

This report helps instructors see the level of student active engagement within the course. The report uses grade center data and interaction data on a relative basis to show activity and grade patterns for students enrolled in a Course.

  • Instructors can use this report to analyze any relationship between course interactions and grades.

The data is displayed for each student in aggregate, and over time, for the respective term. In this report, a heat map displays students’ decile information against two variables: the Grade Center External Grade and Student Interactions.

Note: Instructors can identify students with different usage and performance profiles, both of which can be used to support differentiated educational approaches. 



How to Access Course Activity Matrix 

1. Under the Control Panel, click the Evaluation button.

2. Under Evaluation, click Course Analytics.
3. Click on Activity Matrix to run the report.


Grade Center Score % - (Grade Center External Grade):

The Grade Center Score % is based upon the External Grade set in the Grade Center. The external grade can be changed to any Grade Center column; this can be useful if an instructor wants to create a new column from which the student’s total score will be calculated. 

Note: Typically the data that generates this report will be refreshed once a day. This means that if the external grade is changed, it will take until the next day for the change to take effect in this report. This is also true of student interactions, which will be approximately one day behind what occurred in the Course.


Legend:  The relative comparison between students enrolled in the Course is accomplished using statistical deciles, which divide the activity and grade data into 10 equal parts using a scale of 1 — 10. The results of which are displayed graphically using a heat map color scheme with the color blue (highest or 1st decile) to red (lowest or 10th decile). 

Student:  The name of the student, including the student ID, is displayed as a link. Students are also assigned a “matrix” classification based on their activity and grade decile values, which provides a generalization of the student’s activity and grade profile in the course. Generalizations include: inactive plus higher grade, active plus higher grade, inactive plus lower grade, and active plus lower grade.   
Each student is assigned a matrix category as follows: 

Interactions:  The interactions decile value for a given student (1-10) displays as a heat map. Moving the cursor over a given student’s decile heat map will display the decile value and the total number of interactions.  
Grade:  The Grade Center External Grade decile value for a given student (1-10) displayed as a heat map. Moving the cursor over a given student’s decile heat map will display the decile value and the total grade.   
Matrix:  The Activity & Grade Matrix value for a given student, displayed as an icon corresponding to the classification. Moving the cursor over a given student’s matrix category will display the activity and grade deciles.  

If you click on the students name, the following report appears. Each point on the resulting report is a student enrolled in the course. Moving the cursor over a circle will reveal the respective student’s name and student ID. 

Note: When clicking on the student name, the Activity & Grade Matrix Details will display.  The selected student will be highlighted by a yellow dot.
Student activity screen shot
Only students who are set to “enabled” in the course are displayed.  Note:   In the Compared to Course Average Report, the student view, any reference to You means the specific student. 
If you click on the point, the student view will appear. If you activate and allow students to view their reports this is the report they would see. 

Note: This report might be useful to find students who fit certain activity and performance profiles, which can then be used to inform a differentiated educational approach. For example, by sorting on the matrix column, students are sorted into the four matrix categories. This makes it easy for instructors to find students that are very active in a Course, but who are struggling from a grade perspective. 

Interactions by Week of Term: The decile value for a given student (1-10) displayed as a heat map, by the week of the respective term. Moving the cursor over a given student’s decile heat map will display the decile value and the interactions for that week.

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