Faculty - Blackboard Analytics: Course Access and Grade Scatter Plot


Faculty - Blackboard Analytics: Access and Grade Scatter Plot 

This document will review and explain one of the pre-set Blackboard Analytic reports available to the instructor within each course.  It contains a brief description of the report, an explanation of how to run the report, and an explanation of each area within the report.

Access and Grade Scatter Plot              

This report provides a way to help instructors see student’s course accesses along with the student’s grade in the course. The report plots students enrolled in a course against two variables: the Grade Center’s External Grade and Student Course Access.  This report can help instructors analyze:

        -    If the amount of student accesses does (or doesn’t) relate to the grade recorded in the Grade Center.

After the report has been run, each blue square represents a student within the course.  The linear regression line included in the report helps the instructor determine if there is a positive or negative correlation between the Grade Center’s External Grade and student course accesses.

Scatter plot screen shot

Note: Instructor can reach out to the students who have a lot of accesses, but a lower grade and provide support either academically or with the technology to reduce any possible road blocks.



How to Access Activity and Grade Scatter Plot

1. Under the Control Panel , click the Evaluation button.

2. Under Evaluation , click Course Analytics .
3. Click on Activity and Grade Scatter Plot text.



Course Accesses:

The Course Accesses tracks each discrete user log in to a course.


Grade Center Score % - (Grade Center External Grade):


The Grade Center Score % is based upon the External Grade set in the Grade Center. The external grade can be changed to any Grade Center column; this can be useful if an instructor creates a new column from which the student’s total score will be calculated.

Note:   Typically the data that generates this report will be refreshed once a day. This means that if the external grade is changed, it will typically take until the next day for the change to take effect in this report. This is also true of student interactions, which will be approximately one day behind what occurred in the Course.


Each point on the resulting report is a student enrolled in the course. Moving the cursor over a square will reveal the respective student’s name and student ID.  In addition, if you click on the students’ name, the following information will appear:

If you click on the point, the student view will appear. If you activate and allow students to view their reports this is the report they would see. For
details on student report view, see the Blackboard Analytics Student Report.

Scatter plot and student analytics screen shot

Note: In the Compared to Course Average Report, the student view, any reference to You means the specific student.



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