Faculty - Remove Discussion Board Threads/Posts in Blackboard


Faculty - Remove Discussion Board Threads/Posts in Blackboard


Note: After you copy Discussion Board Forums during a Course Copy, you will need to remove the old threads/posts from your students.  Here are some the steps to follow when deleting old threads in the discussion board:

1. Click on the Discussion Board link on the course menu.

2. Click on the name of the discussion forum where you want to remove the threads.  
3. Check the boxes to the left of the threads you want to remove.

  Note:If you want to delete all of the threads, click in the check box at the top. This will check all of the threads for you. 
4. Click Delete.
5. Click OK if you get the message asking "Delete selected thread(s)?"

6. Click OK in the bottom right-hand corner.

7. Repeat the process for your other Discussion Board Forums  
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