Setting up Recurring Events - Outlook Online


Setting up Recurring Events - Outlook Online


This article will show you how to add recurring events to your Outlook calendar. Recurring events can include lunch hours or events that take place the same day month.


1. Open your Outlook email.

Click the Calendar icon in the lower left corner.


2.  Double click on the day in which you would like to add an event or click New Appointment in the upper left corner.   

3. Enter the name of the event (vacation, sick, appointment, etc.) and any other information that pertains to what you are creating. 

Next to Repeat, click the drop down menu and select from the options available or select Custom to customize your choice.

Note: If you create a recurring event that falls on a day that you do not need, double click on that event to edit just that item in the series rather than the entire series of events. 


4. When you are finished, click Save in the upper left corner. 


Posted by: Kasey Golding - September 26, 2019. This article has been viewed 5853 times.
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