Science Center 208 - Setting Up a Video Conference/Class


Science Center 208 - Setting Up a Video Conference/Class


This article will walk you through how to set up the computer for a video conference/call. 


1. Press the On button on the Extron box.  




2. Press the Video Conference button. 





3. The TV in the back of the room and the SMARTboard will turn on. 



4. Locate the Polycom remote.

Move in front of the SMARTboard and use the arrows on the remote to arrow over to the room you are trying to connect to.

Note: If you do not see the rooms listed, press the Home button on the remote.




5. Press the Enter button on the remote to select the room.  


6. To change the SMARTboard display to show the computer in the classroom, press PC on the Extron box.   


7. When you are finished, press Off on the Extron box and the video call will automatically hang up.   

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