Folder Structure


Folder Structure

Below is an infographic on best practices for properly managing folders in order to organize your files. 

 The title reads Folder Structure The subtitle reads how to properly manage folders to organize files  Level one is the main folder. In your case, this may be name Montgomery County Community College.   Level two are the second level folders. This may be the academic year (example 2019-2020)  Level three are the third level folders. This would include one folder per class taken.   Level four are the fourth level folders. Within your class folder, you will add assignment folders. There will be one folder per assignment.   Level five is are the fifth level folders. Within the assignment folder, you may create more folders broken down by kind such as audio, video, images, special effects, etc.   An overall tip is to not move your folders once created. Folder organization needs to remain the same because project files point to clips within the organization path. Moving files will beak this path and cause an error when working with your project files.

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