Run a report for Missing and Historical Faculty Observation and Evaluation Entries


Run a report for Missing Entries or For a Report of Historical Entries


This article will walk you through how to run a report for missing entries or a report for historical entries in CROA.


1. Log into CROA.




2. Click the Faculty Observation Report folder by clicking Folders → Public Folders → MCCC ReportsStudent → Academic Affairs folder → Faculty Observation Report.

Click the Faculty Observation and Evaluations Include Adjuncts report.


Note: If you need to run a report with only full-time faculty choose "Faculty Observations and Evaluations"



3. The report will automatically run when it is clicked. You will need to refresh the report to choose your dates and division. 

Refresh the report by clicking on the bottom right icon where you can see when the information was last run.



4. You will then see on the left hand side, prompts that allow you to choose your dates and division/department. 


Do not type in your division because it needs to match what CROA has listed. 


5. Export the report to Excel (.xlsx or .xls) and Save the report.  

6. The exported Excel file will have two tabs at the bottom of the report.

The first tab of the exported Excel file lists all faculty with faculty remarks so you can see all historical faculty remarks entries.

The second tab lists all faculty without faculty remarks. 



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