Checking the Status of TechSmith Recording


Checking the Status of  TechSmith Recording


When you have finished recording a video in TechSmith you are asked to submit the recording. There will be a delay between submitting the video and the ability to view the video. This time allows for the video to be uploaded and processed by the server. When creating a recording with the Techsmith Classic Recorder, you will receive an email when processing is complete.


1. Open a browser and navigate to  
2. If prompted, log in using your College username and password. 

MC3 Login screen 

3. Your My Library will be displayed.  


4. If the video is being processed, a processing message will be displayed.  

This media is being processed message

5. Once processing has been completed, a Thumbnail of the video will be displayed along with the total video length.

Completed video 

6. Click the video thumbnail to view or edit the video.  


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