Faculty - Edit Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Settings


Faculty - Edit Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session Settings


You have the ability to edit Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session settings. By default you are provided with a session when the tool is added to your course. 

This article will walk you through how to edit the session settings so that you can setup the session to meet you and your students' needs. 


1. Navigate to where you have added the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool in your course. 

If you have not added the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool to your course yet, please view the following knowledgebase article; Faculty - Adding Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to your Course


2. Click the name of your session or the three dots to the right of your session name.

If you clicked the three dots, click Edit Settings.

A pop-up window will appear. 


3. Default options will automatically be selected.

If you wish to change the role in which your students are given when they enter your Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session, click the drop down menu under Default Attendee Role and select from the following options based on your needs:

  • Participant: Allows user to enable and disable notifications within the program. Instructor can also determine in the settings if they wish to allow participants to share audio, video, and more.
  • Presenter: Allows user to present without having full moderator control. As a presenter you can upload, share, and edit content. 
  • Moderator: Allows user to have full control over all content being shared. This is the level of access instructors are automatically given. 

Click Save when you are finished.


4. You can always go back into your session settings and update them as you see fit.   
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