Faculty - Send Emails to Students via Blackboard


Faculty - Send Emails to Students via Blackboard

Blackboard gives you the ability to send emails from within your course and automatically creates an email group from your student roster.  You can only send emails in Blackboard; you cannot read or retrieve emails.  You must go to your College email account to read any replies.


1. In your course menu, click Email.

Email link on Blackboard Course menu


2. Click the option you want to use: 

email options in Blackboard

3. Compose your email message: Email screen in Blackboard 
  1. A copy of this announcement will be sent to the sender via email

  2. Click Attach a file if you want to send a file with the email.
 Shows the Attach a file link.
4. When finished, click the Submit button.  Cancel and Submit buttons
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