Faculty - Available Pendo Guide Walkthroughs


Faculty - Available Pendo Guide Walkthroughs

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Below is a list of the guides you can find by logging into Blackboard. 

What is a Pendo Guide: 

A Pendo guide is a series of written steps that will walk you through specific tasks in real-time within Blackboard. For example, if you needed assistance with creating a content folder, you would select the Content Folder guide and follow along with the steps while performing the associated tasks it requests. By the end of the guide, you will have completed the guides purpose such as creating a content folder.

You can always exit a guide by clicking the X in the top right corner of the step. 

How to access the guides:

Once in Blackboard go to the Announcements page of any of your courses and select the question mark in the bottom right of your Announcements page.  Red Circle with a question mark inside

Not seeing the question mark or a guide seems to stop:

If you have renamed some of your menu items or do not have some of the menu items these guides were created from, you may not see the question mark or you may start a guide and it just stops.

It is recommended that your course menu mirrors the menu below in order to best run the guides. Further, ad-blockers should be paused if Pendo guides do not display.

The recommended menu includes: Announcements, Syllabus and Schedule, Course Materials, Discussion Boards,  My Grades,  Analytics for Students, Email, Course Evaluations, Tutoring

See a Guide in action (Length = 1:48). Please note this video has no sound.

Guides Available:  

***Please note that Blackboard is repetitive through the guide title for organization and tracking on the back end.

Guide Name Keywords Purpose Status KB Article
Blackboard - Mashups (YouTube, etc) Blackboard, Mashups, YouTube, Dropbox, Flickr Photo, Slideshare This guide will help you set up specific mashup tools that can help you share content, lessons, and other important information for your classroom.  Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/faculty-add-youtube-videos-to-blackboard-544.html
Blackboard - Create Content Folder Blackboard, Content Folder, Folder This guide will help you set up content folders in your course to organize information and materials.  Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/faculty-adding-a-folder-to-a-blackboard-course-546.html
Blackboard - Creating an Assignment Blackboard, Assignment, Assessment  This guide will help set up an assignment link. An assignment link can be used by students to submit work that can be graded. It may be a paper, PowerPoint, Excel, document or some other type of document that will be uploaded to the link provided. When you create an assignment, a grading column is automatically created and established in your grade book.  Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/faculty-create-assignments-within-blackboard-107.html
Blackboard - Adding your syllabus Syllabus, Item, Blackboard This guide is essentially adding an item in your course, which could be just text based or in the form of attaching a document like your syllabus. This guide is geared towards successfully posting your syllabus in your course.  Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/faculty-adding-an-item-to-a-blackboard-course-95.html
Blackboard - Adding an Item (Word, PowerPoint, etc) Item, Blackboard, Word, PowerPoint, PDF This guide walks you through adding specific items to your course like a PDF. You can also use an item strictly for text without adding an attachment.  Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/faculty-adding-an-item-to-a-blackboard-course-95.html
Blackboard - Adding a Tool Link to your BB Menu (Tutor.com, Collaborate, etc) Blackboard, Tutor, Tools, Collaborate, Link This guide walks you through how to add a tool link to your main menu on the left. Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/faculty-adding-tutor-com-to-your-course-menu-2766.html
Blackboard - Creating and Adding a Weblink Blackboard, Web Link This guide walks you through how to add a web link to a specific URL outside your Blackboard classroom.  Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/faculty-adding-a-web-link-in-blackboard-566.html
Blackboard - Course Copy Course Copy, Blackboard This guide walks you through how to copy individual items from one course to another or a whole course from one semester to another semester. Available https://kb.mc3.edu/article/blackboard-course-copy-615.html

Blackboard -  Weighting the Grade Center

Part 1: Evaluating your Grade Center


Part 2: Creating and Assigning Categories



Part 3: Grading Schemas



Part 4: Setting up your Weighted Total Column

Part 1: Grade Center, Weighted Total, Weighting Grade book, Evaluating 


Part 2: Categories, Grade book, Weighting, Blackboard, Grade Center


Part 3: Grading Schema, Grade Center, Weighting, Grading, Blackboard


Part 4: Weighted Total, Grade Center, Weighting

Parts 1-4 make up the total Weighting the Grade Center steps. If you are unsure where to begin, start with Part 1 and move through Part 4. Each guide needs to be accessed and launched from your Announcements page individually.  


You can run these guides independently without having to complete or review all parts. 


Part 1: This guide is for everyone. This will give you a bird's eye view of where your grade center stands but does contain components that are specific to weighting your grade center. 



Part 2: This guide will help you establish and assign categories. Generally, categories are only used to weight the grade center; however, there could be instances for them to be used as an organization tactic. 



Part 3: This guide is for everyone. This guide will help you check and adjust your grading schemas to ensure that the grade Blackboard is reporting matches what is in your syllabus. For example, does a 92% equal and A or A+ in your classroom. You would check the grading schema to ensure that values are reporting correctly based on how you establish your classroom grading standards. 



Part 4: This guide is generally only used by those weighting their classroom room. If you know you already have your categories set up, I would run the guide for Part 1 and move to Part 4. 

Available TBD 
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