Faculty and Students: Adding Chrome Extension for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


Faculty and Students:  Adding Chrome Extension for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra


It is recommend that when using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox internet browser. If you are using Google Chrome you will be asked to download an extension to give you the full functionality of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. 

This article will walk you through how to download the Google Chrome extension. 


1. Navigate to the course where you need to access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra via the Google Chrome browser.   

2. First time users of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra will be prompted by the Google Chrome browser to download the extension needed to run Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. 

If you are not prompted you can visit the following site to download the extension: Desktop Sharing Google Chrome Extension

You can also search for the Desktop Sharing extension via the Google Chrome Extension Store. Search for Desktop Sharing and click the Add to Chrome button. 

Note: The Desktop Sharing app you want to add should say Offered by: bbcollab.com as seen in the example to your right.


3. If you are not sure if you have already downloaded the Chrome extension, open another Chrome browser tab and go to chrome://extensions

A list of the extensions you have on your browser will appear. Check for Desktop Sharing



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