Downloading Frevvo Form Submission Data


Downloading Frevvo Form Submission Data

This article will show you how to download your Frevvo form submission data. The data is pulled from the responses that were submitted via the Frevvo form. 


1. Login to Montco Connect (the portal).  
2. Locate the Tools section on the left hand side. Then click the Frevvo link.






3. Click the icon that looks like two triangles facing towards the right next to My Tasks in the upper left corner. This will expand the sidebar.



On the left side of the screen is an icon that looks like two triangles facing to the right.



4. Then click Shared items.


A box will expand in Frevvo where you can click a link that says Shared Items.


5. A list of all of the forms that you have permission to view will appear. Click Submissions under the form you want to view.



A link to Submissions will appear under the Shared Items page.



6. Click Submissions Filter and enter the From Date and To Date of the form timeframe. Then check the box next to Submitted.






7. Click the Download button to download the CSV file.




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