Students - Access Blackboard Collaborate Recordings from Groups


Students - Access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Recordings from Groups

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is available within the Groups space if your instructor as allowed access to this tool. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows you to record your sessions so that you may watch them later. A web link to the recording is provided. The directions below will walk you through how to obtain a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra recording from your Groups space.


1. Go into the course where you need to obtain the recording.  
2. Click the Group link provided by your instructor.   
3. Under Group Tools, click Collaborate.




4. You will now see your Group Room. Below your Group Room is a list of your group recordings.





5. Click the three dots to the far right of the name of the recording and then click Copy Link to obtain the web link to your recording. 

Note: You are unable to download and save recordings. You can only obtain the web link for viewing.






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