CRM - Create Program Offerings on the Inquiry Form


CRM - Create Program Offerings on the Inquiry Form

Create Program Offerings On the Inquiry Form

Login to the workforce CRM.

1.  Open an advanced find by clicking on the Filter button.

     Filter button

2.  Change the Look For to M45Programs.

     Look For field

3.  Change the Use Saved View to Active M45Programs.

     Used Saved View field

4.  Select Results.

     Results button

5.  Notice there are duplicate options because there are two different training intents Company and Individual.

     Results page

6.  To create a new program offering click on New M45 Programs on the ribbon.

     New M45 Program button on the ribbon

5.  Enter all the fields required as denoted by the *.

     New M45 Program page field entries

  • Program Name is what shows to users when filling out the inquiry form.
  • Training Intent is where the program will be shown on the inquiry form (Company or Individual).

Note: If you want to program to show on both options you will need to create two programs and select each training intent.

  • Available on the Web allows you to have a training type available for staff to use but not shown on the inquiry form.
  • Program Owner is the staff member who is the subject matter expert on the program. The emails and phone calls will be assigned to this user.
  • Owner can be left alone.

6.  Select Save and Close when you are finished setting up the program.

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