CRM Opportunities


CRM Opportunites

Create a CRM Opportunity

1.  Login to the workforce CRM

2.  Click the + icon in the top right.

    Plus sign

3.  Select Opportunity.

    Select Opportunity option

4.  Enter all the fields that pertain to the opportunity you are creating. The Topic field is required as denoted by *

Opportunity fields

  • The Contact field is the related primary contact record for the opportunity.
  • The Account field is the related company for the opportunity.
  • Training Type must be either “Company” or “Individual.” This will set the business process flow.
  • The Source field is how you obtained the information to create the opportunity.

5.  Click Save after the opportunity information has been entered.

Close a CRM Opportunity

1.  Login to the workforce CRM

2.  Navigate to the Opportunity that you would like to close.

3.  From the ribbon, select either Close As Won or Close As Lost.


  • Close As Won indicates that the person or business obtained the information needed or the business training was completed.
  • Close As Lost indicates that the person informed us that our training or course offerings did not meet their needs.

4.  Update the Status Reason.

Move a Business Opportunity From Stage To Stage

1.  Login to the workforce CRM

2.  Click on Sales and then Opportunities.

     Sales dropdown menu then Opportunity link

3.  Click on the opportunity that you wish to move forward or backward.

     opportunity selection

4.  The flag indicates what stage the opportunity currently is in.

     flag indicator

5.  To move the flag forward or backwards, use the Next Stage forward or backward buttons.

     Stage button





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