Faculty - How to Run Goal Alignment Reports from a Rubric


How to Run Goal Alignment Reports from a Rubric

  1. Enter the Blackboard course for which you wish to pull data. Make sure Edit Mode is ON. 
  2. Go to Course Management (under your course menu), then Control Panel, then Course Tools, then Rubrics
  3. Locate the rubric you wish to run a report on and click the drop-down arrow to the right and select View Associated Content.

    The image is a box with six choices. View Associated Content is the choice called out in a red box.
  4. This will bring up the grade center column attached to that rubric. To the right of the grade center column name, click the drop-down and select Rubric Evaluation Report. 

    This image is a box with Rubric Evaluation Report in the center of the screen.

  5. Select your Format (PDF, Excel, etc) and date range and click Submit
  6. You will see Processing Your Request on your screen and then your report should pop-up for you. You can then save a copy to your Desktop. 
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