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Getting Started with is a 24/7 service available to students on top of regular tutoring available at Montgomery County Community College. To get started with as a student please complete the steps below. Once you enter the homepage, you can connect with a tutor immediately, schedule a tutoring session, or submit a paper for review.

1. From the main menu in your online classroom click the "Tutoring" link. 

This is an image of a Blackboard course menu with the Tutoring link being called out by a red box around it.

 2. Select "Online tutoring available 24/7 through".

This is an image of the Tutoring link options with the Online tutoring available 24/7 through link being called out by a red box around it

You now have three options for tutoring. We will review connecting with a tutor immediately first, scheduling a future tutoring session second, and submitting a paper for review third. 

Connecting with a tutor immediately

1. Choose "Connect with a tutor now". 

This is an image of the options of Connect, Schedule, and Submit. The Connect option is called out with a red box around it.

2. You will be re-directed to a site from which you will select your topic, your subject, whether or not to activate voice-chat, and you will be prompted to enter your tutoring question. After you have filled out all fields, you will click "Connect Now". 

This is an image of the Connect Now screen, which requires you to select a topic and subject from a drop down, check off if you want a tutor with voice-chat capabilities, a place to enter your question and attach a file, and lastly the Connect Now submit button. Each of these areas all called out in a red box around them and numbered 1-5. Step One is choose your topic, step two is choose your subject, step three is deciding to check off for voice-chat with the tutor, step four is asking your question and attaching a file if applicable, and step five is clicking Connect Now.

3. A screen will pop-up indicating you are being connected to a tutor. 

This image shows a horizontal bar, which fills up as you get closer to being connected to a tutor

4. Once connected, you will enter the tutoring room where you can begin chatting (or speaking if you activated audio) with your tutor. 

This image shows the Classroom interface. A chat box is pictured to the bottom right on top of the whiteboard. A red box calls out the box in which you can type your question(s) to the tutor. The classroom features a toolbar at the top and to the left. These tool bars are full of tools and features you and your tutor will use to interact.

 Scheduling a future tutoring session

1. Choose "Schedule a tutoring session". 

This is an image of the options of Connect, Schedule, and Submit. The Schedule option is called out with a red box around it.

2. Next, review your tutors.  You can sort tutors by subject (1) or number of reviews, next available, and highest rated (2). You can review their 5-star rating and total number of reviews (3). Lastly, you can view when a specific tutor is next available (4). Once you have made your selection choose "Schedule" (5). 

This is an image of a list of tutors that are available to schedule with. Red boxes circle certain features that are also numbered 1-5. One is a drop down towards the top left where you can sort the tutors by subject for example. Two is another drop down towards the top right that allows you to sort the tutors by number of reviews for example.  Three focuses on a specific tutor where you can click the starts to view all that tutor’s reviews. Four focuses on a specific tutor and calls out that tutor’s next availability. Five calls out the schedule button that will be click when ready to schedule with a specific tutor.

Fill out the scheduling box by choosing the day and time you wish your tutoring session to occur (1), the total length of the session (2), and the topic, subject, and specific question (3). You can also attach a file if applicable (4). Once finished, choose "Schedule Session". You can also read all their reviews posted by other users at the bottom. 

This image displays more questions you need to complete to schedule with a specific tutor. The options are called out by a red box and labeled 1-5. One is an interactive calendar for you to choose the date and time you wish to meet with the tutor. Two is a drop down for you to choose the duration of the session such as one hour. Three contains two drops downs where you choose your topic and subject followed by a text box for you to describe what you wish to discuss with your tutor. Four is towards the bottom and is a link where you can attach a file. Five is the Schedule Session button.


4. You will be taken to a confirmation screen that should state your session is "Confirmed". You can manage (cancel or reschedule) these sessions by going to "My Account" and choose "My Sessions". 

This is an image of the confirmation screen once a session with the tutor has been scheduled. To the top right the My Account drop down is surrounded by a red box, which is where you go to manage your sessions. The details of your tutor are also on the screen with the Status: Confirmed information being called out by a red box around it.

Submit a paper for review

1.  Choose "Submit a paper for review".

This is an image of the options of Connect, Schedule, and Submit. The Submit option is called out with a red box around it.

2. Fill in the drop-down boxes and don't forget to attach your paper and click submit. 

This is an image of the questions that need to be answered to submit a paper for review and the submit button at the bottom of the page.

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