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The Student Finance Make a Payment tab has the following information and links;

If you would like to see a video about viewing your  Account Activity  or  Paying for Registration click here .

  1. Total Payment
  2. Payment Method
  3. Semesters
  4. Balance per semester
  5. Expand All capability

The Expand All button will show the following;

  1. Select check box to designate which items to pay
  2. Item showing what the charge is for
  3. Due Date
  4. Amount
  5. Amount to Pay — if you are paying a portion of the bill at that time
  6. Payment Method

Making a Payment

1. Select Payment Method   
2. Click on Proceed to Payment
3. Review your payment selection and then click Pay Now  
4. Fill in your payment information and click the Pay Now button at the bottom  
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