How do I see my final grades?


How do I see my final grades?

Your final grades for each semester are available in Self-Service, which can be accessed through your student portal.  Follow the steps below to locate your final grades. 


1. Log into the Montco Portal at  

2. Under the left hand side "Tools", click on "Quick Links" followed by "Self-Service". 

Then choose the Grades page.  




3. Under Grades, click on the semester to expand it.  




You can learn more about the College’s Comprehensive Grading Policy by going to





If you do not see your final grades, your instructor may not have submitted them yet. View the Academic Calendar ( to see when final grades are due. 

If you have an outstanding financial obligation with the College you will receive a restriction message and your grades will not display. Contact the Business Office at 215-641-6540 for more information.



Next steps:

Now that you know your final grades, you can view your Unofficial Transcript by following the directions in this article:

You can request your Official Transcript by going to

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