Links - Accessibility


Links - Accessibility

For all Blackboard shells, as well as online courses, reasonable accommodations must be made to web content (not only face-to-face instruction) to maximize student accessibility in your course and comply with federal ADA requirements.
Instructors bear the responsibility of ensuring subsequent changes to approved courses continue to meet these and other DEC and ADA standards. C ontact IT and/or Disability Services for assistance.

Below are items you must check to ensure all Links in your course are accessible:

  • Ensure that hyperlinks are meaningful and descriptive
    • The purpose of each link can be determined from the link text alone. The purpose of descriptive links is to provide users with the proper context of where clicking the link will take them. Screen reader users often navigate websites going from link to link using the tab key (or shift-tab to go backwards), so providing links that make sense is vitally important and necessary.
    • Correct examples:
      • Read Syllabus
      • View Course Schedule
      • Explore additional training opportunities
      • Incorrect examples:
      • Click Here
      • Click this link
      • More
      • Click for details
  • Ensure that all links are valid, course appropriate, and active.
  • Include file extension when linking to any documents (i.e., PDF, DOC, PPT)
  • Avoid using patterned buttons.
  • Remove or hide any buttons and tools that are not used in the course.
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