How to Locate Forms in Frevvo


How to Locate Forms - Frevvo


This article will show you how to view Forms that you have access to in Frevvo.


1. Login to Montco Connect (the portal).  
2. Locate the Tools section on the left hand side of Montco Connect.




3. Click the Frevvo link.




4. Click the icon that looks like a magnifying glass. This is the Search feature.


Image of a Magnifying glass which represents search.



5. Go down to Submission Status and check the boxes for the types of forms you want to view. Then click Search.

Note: You will only see forms that you have access to.


6. You will now see the forms that you searched for. Each form will have a set of icons depending on its status. The status is indicated by a color.

  • Green (cannot edit): Form Complete
  • Red (cannot edit): Aborted by Admin
  • White (can edit): Still going through the Approval process

Note: Green and Red forms cannot be edited. You can only view the Task History.

 Frevvo task list from search feature


7. The forms that you are able to edit will have a list of controls (in order of appearance):

  • Play: Can only use this feature when it is your own task.
  • Abort: Abort a task. This stops a task in its tracks. Admins are able to locate aborted tasks.
  • Modify Task: You can re-assign a task to a different user. Admins are the only ones who can perform this option. You can reset to a specific step.
  • View Task History: View who did what on the task. 
 Icons visible under each form that are clickable and perform specific actions.
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