Office 365 - Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Managing Files in a Group


Office 365 - Outlook Web Access (OWA) - Managing Files in a Group


This article will show you how to manage files that are uploaded to a Group. This is done through email.


1. Login to the portal using your College username and password. Click on the Quick Links drop down menu and select the Employee Email link.


2. Click the Group you want to manage files in from the Groups section on the left navigation menu. 

 List of Groups


3. In the upper left corner click Files.

 Files link in Group


4. Check the circle next to the file you want to manage.


Checked File to Manage


5. After you check the circle, a list of options will appear in the upper left corner. You can do the following with the selected file:

  • View: View the file 
  • Email: Email the file to someone
  • Download: Download the file to your computer

Note: Files added to a Group cannot be deleted from OWA (Outlook Web Access). 

 File Options to Select

6. Files added to a Group are organized by:

  • File Name: Name of the file that was added or uploaded
  • Activity: If the file was modified or uploaded
  • Modified: When the file was last modified
  • Modified by: Who last modified or uploaded the file
 File Organization in a Group
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