Insert Web Links in OneNote - Online Version


Insert Web Links in OneNote - Online Version

You can easily insert web links or hyperlinks on a notebook page by using the Links tool. This article will show you how to insert web links in your OneNote notebook.


1. Login to the portal and navigate to the Quick Links drop down menu, select the Office 365 icon.



2. You will now see the Office 365 dashboard. Click OneNote.



3. Click the Class Notebooks tab. Then click the Class Notebook where you want to add a web link.



4. Click the Section.


5. Click the Page where you want to add a web link.


6. Click on the Page in an area where you want to add the web link until the cursor appears.



Cursor on notebook page to add notes online



7. Click the Insert tab. Then click the Links icon.



Insert tab in OneNote online


6. A pop-up window will appear. Enter how you want the link to appear on the page in the Display Name text book. Enter the web link you want to insert in the Address text box. Click Insert.


Links Pop Up window



7. The link will now appear on the page.



Inserted web link in OneNote online


Posted by: Kasey Golding - July 7, 2017. This article has been viewed 9405 times.
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