Student Email Transition FAQ


Student Email Transition FAQ

You may have a variety of questions about the Gmail to Outlook transition. Please reference this article with any questions you may have:

What’s happening?

On July 5, 2022, the College transitioned away from using Google accounts for email, file sharing, and calendaring for students.

All actively enrolled students’ College-provided email accounts changed from Google Gmail to Microsoft Outlook.

Why is this happening? 

To remain true to our goals of Championing Student Success, we regularly review technology usage and efficiency at the College. In addition, this transition will help streamline communication for everyone at the College.  

 What apps can I use?

Google Apps Office 365 Equivalent
Gmail Outlook
Google Calendar Outlook, Bookings
Google Chat Teams (Chat)
Google Docs & Keep OneNote & Word
Google Drive OneDrive
Google Duo Teams (Virtual Meetings & Video Chat)
Google Forms Forms
Google Hangouts Teams (Virtual Meetings & Video Chat)
Google Keep To Do
Google Sheets Excel
Google Slides PowerPoint, Sway
Google Tasks Planner/To Do

What are the benefits of the transition?

Stronger cyber security. With all College email hosted in Office 365, the IT department will have a better ability to track and block malicious activity, including phishing emails from reaching student inboxes, increasing identity protection.


One centralized platform for collaboration. Integrating student mailboxes within Office 365 allows for more efficient interaction for students when using the other Office 365 productivity applications, such as OneDrive document sharing and Microsoft Teams.


Introduce the Office 365 platform to students before entering the workforce. Most US companies are using the Office 365 suite including Outlook for email.

How will the transition impact me?

As of July 5, 2022, all emails being sent to your student Gmail account will be redirected to your new student Outlook account automatically. 

Montco Connect will show two options for accessing email:   

  • “Email” will take you to your new Microsoft Outlook account.
  • “Email (Old)” will take you to your inactive Gmail account

Upon completion of your last course:

  •  You will no longer be able to download the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, but you will have access to the web versions of the apps. 

 What will happen to my Google Workspace (G Suite) content after July 5th?  

  • You will no longer receive new messages. 
  • You can log in to Gmail to forward messages from your account to your new College Outlook inbox or any other email address. 
  • Your Google Workspace Account will be accessible until June 30, 2023. Note: This date could be subject to change.  
  • All content, including Google Drive, emails, personal contacts, and calendar events, will not be transferred to Outlook.  


How do I get support during this transition? 

If you have additional questions on how you may be affected during this transition, please contact the IT Service/ Help Desk via live chat at, email at or call us at 215-641-6495.

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