Exporting Budget Information


Exporting Budget Information


This article will show you how to export your Cost Center's. You can export information into a CSV file that opens in Excel. The Excel file can be saved to your computer and data can be organized using the features in Excel.


1. Locate the Cost Center you want to export. You may have multiple Cost Centers depending on how many you have access to.   

2. Click the Export icon in the upper right corner. A drop down menu will appear. Click Download CSV.


Note: You can only export CSV files.



Export as CSV file icon 


3. The document will download to your computer. How you are notified of the completed download depends on the browser you are using. You can find downloads in the Download folder on your computer. The image to the right shows a completed download on Google Chrome.


Google Chrome download icon that appears are the bottom of the browser


4. Double-click the download to open it. The file will open in Excel as a CSV file.


Excel CSV file


5. You may notice that some of your columns have the " # " symbol. This is because the column size is too small and the numbers do not fit. To fix this, move your mouse up to the column you want to change until an intersecting arrow icon appears on the column line. Click and move your mouse to expand the column. The numbers will become visible at the appropriate size.


Note: You can save the CSV files to your computer so you can access them again later. Please be aware that you are exporting the Cost Center/Budget at it's current state and that the information in the columns can change. 



Adjusting CSV file in Excel to read numbers




6. You can export the first two levels in your Cost Center. This includes the information for individual items in a Cost Center. Click the item in the Cost Center. Then click the Export icon again to export the Expenses.


Note: You cannot export the specific Expense information. 





Select individual budget






Expense information from Cost Center






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