Distributing Content in Class Notebook - Desktop Version


Distributing Content in Class Notebook - Desktop Version


Class Notebook allows you to distribute Pages, Sections, and Content Libraries to students. This article will show you how to distribute content to your students.


1. Open OneNote from your desktop. Be sure to select the notebook where you want to distribute content using the small down arrow next to the notebook name.   Determine the notebook you want to be in.
2. Locate and click the Class Notebook tab.  Class Notebook tab in OneNote
3. Determine what page or section you want to distribute.



Class Notebook page tabs.

4. In the Content toolbar determine if you want to distribute a page, section, or content library.


Content toolbar in OneNote Ribbon under the Class Notebook tab

Distribute Page

You can distribute pages that you have already created or a new page that you create. You have the ability to distribute a page to a specific section in student notebooks. Distributing a page will give each student their own copy of that page to edit and manipulate. You can distribute pages individually or a group. You can also cross distribute a page in another Class Notebook that you manage.

 Distribute Page in Class Notebook

Distribute Section

You can distribute an entire section of content to students. Either distribute a new section or a group section. 

 Distribute Section in OneNote via Class Notebook tab

Distribute Content Library

Select this option to share your Content Library with other Class Notebook sections. The Content Library in the current notebook is already accessible to your students. This option simply lets you cross distribute in other Class Notebooks that you manage.

 Distribute Content Library in OneNote through the Class Notebook tab.
5. Students will be able to see the content you distributed in the respective sections that you defined.  
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