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Checking and Creating Categories for Weighted Grading


 Checking Categories in Blackboard

Categories are important for weighting the grades within the course. Instructors can create categories that can be used to add the columns in the Grade Center. The categories can be weighted in the Weighted Total column so that they can be distributed equally or proportionally to the columns within the category. Categories are how Blackboard identifies which assessment matches the weighted percentages set up in the Weighted column.    


1. Under Course Management in your Blackboard course click Grade Center then Full Grade Center



2. Put your mouse over the Manage tab located in the top left corner of the Full Grade Center screen. A pop-up menu will appear. Then click Categories




3. You will now see a list of Categories available in Blackboard. Verify that all of your graded assessments are tied to the correct Category. 


Note: Check the number of Category pages that are available by viewing the page number information in the lower right corner. This will let you know if there are more Category pages to view. 

 Categories in Blackboard






 Creating Categories in Blackboard

Blackboard allows you to create Categories that fit your needs. For example, you may teach a course that requires students to complete a number of Case Studies based on what is outlined in the syllabus. In that case, you may want to create a Category called "Case Study" or "Case Studies" so that you can appropriately weight these assessments in a more organized manner in your Weighted Total column. Below are directions on how to Create Categories in Blackboard. 


1. Under Course Management in your Blackboard course click Grade Center then Full Grade Center



2. Put your mouse over the Manage tab located in the top left corner of the Full Grade Center screen. A pop-up menu will appear. Then click Categories




3. On the Categories page, click Create Category in the upper left corner. 



4. You will now be taken to the Category Information page. Give your Category a name. You can also give your Category a description, but this is not required.

Note: Anything with an asterisk (*) is required. 




5. Click Submit when you are finished. Your Category will now be added to the Category list. 

Note: Categories you create will automatically be added to the end of the list/page.






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