Creating a Class Notebook - Online Version


Creating a Class Notebook - Online Version



Class Notebook is part of Office 365 and OneNote. You can use the online or desktop version. Class Notebooks can only be created through the online version. These directions will show you how to create a Class Notebook.


1. Login to the portal and in the Quick Links click the Office 365 icon.

2. The Office 365 dashboard will open. Locate and click Class Notebook.  

Class Notebook Icon




3. From the Class Notebook dashboard click Create Class Notebook.  

Create Class Notebook icon





4. You will now need to go through a series of steps to create your Class Notebook. You will first be asked to give your Class Notebook a name. Click Next to continue.  

Give your Class Notebook a name and click Next





5. You will now be provided of an overview of what will be created in your Class Notebook. Click Next to continue.  

What is inside a Class Notebook








6. You will now be given the option to add additional teachers. This is optional and not required. Click Next to continue.  

Add another teacher to your Class Notebook








7. You will now add students to your Class Notebook. You can enter the names of the students you want to add to your Class Notebook. If you are not sure who to add yet you can always add students after the Class Notebook has been created. Click Next to continue.  

Add students to your Class Notebook


8. You can now design the student spaces. These spaces will appear in every students individual notebook. You can use the suggestions that are provided by checking the box next to that item or you can add your own by clicking Add More. When you are satisfied click Next to continue.  

Add student notebook sections







9. You can now preview your Class Notebook before you make it available to your students. You can toggle between the Teacher view and the Student view. Click Create when you are satisfied.  

Preview the Teacher and Student Class Notebook







10. Your Class Notebook has now been created. You can open your Class Notebook right away in either the desktop or online version by clicking either one of the links at the top of the screen. Be sure to download the Class Notebook Add-in for the desktop version of OneNote.   

Class Notebook has been created.





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