Faculty - How to Read a Blackboard Course Report


Faculty - How to Read a Blackboard Course Report


Blackboard Course Reports are divided into section that include charts and raw data. The sections of the report vary on the type of report that you run. Access data reports show the number of "hits" that a student makes on an item. A "hit" means any time a request is sent to Blackboard. For example, when running a discussion board activity report a hit includes:
  • When a student accesses the discussion board = 1 hit
  • When a student selects a forum = 1 hit
  • When a student selects a message to read = 1 hit

Total: 3 hits

Blackboard Course Reports can help you determine if specific content is being access or not in your course and if students are actively participating in your course. 

This article will provide you additional background information on reading the reports you can run in Blackboard. 

Note: Charts are not available in the Excel format. 



1. Your report will open in a new browser window if you are not given the option to select a report format. If you have selected a specific format for your report then your report will open in that selected format (PDF, Excel, Word, HTML).
2. Depending on the size of the report that you are running you could have a number of pages of data to view. 
3. You can print or save your report to your computer, a flash drive, or OneDrive. 


Example Report: All User Activity inside Content Areas

Blackboard Course Report All User Activity Report

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