Faculty - How to Run a Blackboard Course Report


Faculty - How to Run a Blackboard Course Report


Course Reports are run individually based on the report you want to run for your course. Blackboard Course Reports are run through the Course Reports page. You have the ability to set the time frame in which you want to pull information from your course, if you want to run an individual student or whole class reports, and if you want the report to open as a PDF file, Word file, Excel file, or HTML. 

Note: Not all report specifications are available. This depends on the type of report you want to run. 



1. Go to Course Management and click Evaluation.


Blackboard Course Management and Evaluation

 2. Click Course Reports.



Evaluation and Course Reports

 3. Put your mouse over the report you want to run until you see the small gray drop down arrow. 



Gray drop down arrow in Blackboard


 4. Click the gray drop down arrow and click Run



Blackboard course report Run button




 5. You will be prompted to enter the report specifications. Specifications include:

  • Date range (start and end date)
  • Report Format (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML)
  • Selected users (individual or whole class)
  • Performance Level (What grade percentage in your course is considered "Performing Well?")
  • Goals (What goals do you have assigned to your course that you want to evaluate?)

Note: Please be aware that not all report specifications are available. This depends on the type of report you want to run. 





Course Report specifications

6. Click Submit when you have identified your specifications. 


7. You will be taken to the report processing page. 

This process could take longer if you have a large number of students in your course.




Course report processing page





8. Your report will open in another window or in the format you specified on the report specifications page. 




Blackboard course report example of all user activity




9. You will now see the Course Report Success page where you can do one of the following:

  • Save to Content Collection - Save the report to your course Content Collection
  • Download Report - Download the report so you can save it to your computer, flash drive, or OneDrive
  • Run a New Report - Run the same report using different report specifications
Blackboard Course Report Success page with options to select from
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