Submitting a Maintenance Request




Log into


On the left-hand side menu, click Forms to expand the folder. Then select Maintenance Requests






Once in the form, select the campus from the drop down menu provided. 




Fill in the additional fields:

  • Location – The building on campus
  • Area/Room # - The specific area, room #, or floor within the building
  • Work Category - The type of work that needs to be completed or addressed. This field controls how the form is routed to the appropriate technician.
  • Work Requested – The details of the request, issue, or work that needs to be done.
  • Requested Completion Date – The date it should be completed by. This field is optional.



Upload any documents or pictures that would assist in the completion of the maintenance request (this is optional).




When the form is complete, click Save at the top of the form to submit the request.







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