Filtering Conversation History Folder in Outlook Online


Filtering Conversation History Folder in Outlook Online


All Skype for Business messages and calls are logged in your email (Outlook) in the Conversation History folder. This article will provide you with information on how to organize and filter your Conversation History so you can easily retrieve messages. 



Login to your MCCC Account

Click on the Quick Links drop down menu and select the Employee Email link, or select Office 365.







2. Locate and click the Conversation History folder.

Conversation History folder





Locate and click the Filter link. A drop down menu will appear providing you with a list of options of how you would like to filter the messages in your conversation history folder.

All - Show all messages in folder. This option is the default option.

Unread - Show all unread messages.

To me - Show all messages sent to you.

Flagged - Show all messages that have been flagged.

Mentions - Show all messages in which your name was mentioned.

Outlook Online Filter link







To filter your messages further, click Sort by to determine how to organize the messages that you see in the conversation history folder.

Date - Sort messages by date.

From - Sort messages by who they are from. Messages will organize in alphabetical order by name.

To - Sort message by who they are going to. Messages will organize in alphabetical order by name.

Subject - Sort messages by the subject of the message.

Attachments - Sort messages by whether the message(s) have attachments.

Importance - Sort messages by the level of importance.

Size - Sort messages by the size of the message.


Sort by option





To determine how you want to view your messages, click Show as. There are two different options for viewing messages:

Messages - Show messages as individual messages.

Conversations - Group messages by conversations. For example, if an exchange of messages was received on one topic, then all messages associated with that topic will be grouped together. 


Show as link


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