Faculty - Aesthetic Rubric Instructions


Faculty - Aesthetic Rubric Instructions

  1. Locate and download the "Aesthetic Rubric Instructions" zip file (do not unzip the file) from the Faculty Toolkit page. 
    1. Direct Link to Rubric 
      • Click download at the top once the page pops-up
      • Save the .zip download file to your Desktop or a place you will remember for access later
    2. Access manually via Connect Portal - can be used if the link above does not work. 
      • Log into Connect Portal
      • On left menu, find "Quick Links" heading
      • Find and click "Faculty Clipboard"
      • Click "Educational Effectiveness" box
      • Look for "General Education Curriculum" box and under that the title "General Education Assessment"
      • To the right of the "General Education Assessment" title, click "See All"
      • Locate "Scientific Reasoning Rubric.zip" and click the three vertical dots to the right
      • Portal\Applications tab [right hand box]\Faculty Clipboard\Educational Effectiveness box\General Education Column\scroll down to Scientific Reasoning Rubric (make sure you are downloading the zip file)
      • Select download and Save the .zip file to your Desktop (or where you will remember you saved the file)

  2. Import the rubric (the .zip file you downloaded) into your Blackboard Course [Importing Rubrics Directions]

  3. Navigate to the area in your course where you wish to add your assignment link (ex. Course Materials). Create your assignment [Create Assignments in Blackboard Directions]. For the purposes of this initiative, be sure to account for the following items below when creating your assignment:  

    1. By default, when you attach the rubric, the column "Show Rubric to Students" is set to No. This is the the correct selection.

    2. The "Points Possible" field will be autofilled based on the total points of the rubric when it is attached

    3. Submission Details - Number of Attempts: If you leave this on single attempt, you may need to allow an additional attempt for some students (ex. student submitted wrong document) [Allowing Additional Attempts Directions]

    4. Display of Grades - Uncheck "Include in Grade Center grading calculations" and "Show to students in My Grades" [this prevents students from seeing anything in their My Grades area]

    5. Availability - Leave "Make Assignment Available" checked. When the assignment submission period has concluded come back and uncheck this to hide the submission link from students. 

  4. Once present, navigate to the Full Grade Center to grade student submissions. [How to grade an assignment with a rubric in Blackboard]
    1. Don't forget to access the rubric, you need to select the down arrow right below the Attempt box to access it for grading


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