Students - Connecting to Zoom in Class On Campus


Students - Connecting to Zoom in Class On Campus


You can connect to your Zoom class while physically on campus in the physical classroom. This may be more prevalent if you are taking a hybrid or flex course. 

These directions will walk you through how to connect to the Zoom classroom space when you are on campus for class. 

Note: These directions specifically apply to connecting a laptop. 


1. Navigate to the course in Blackboard where you want to connect to Zoom.



2. Locate and select the Zoom link your instructor created within your course. 

Note: Your instructor may call this "Zoom" or "Zoom Classroom."



3. Before you join the meeting, locate your computers volume control and turn off your computer's sound.

Note: The example in the image to the right is for a PC computer. The volume control on your computer may be in a different location depending on the type of computer you are using.



4. Once you have turned off the sound on your computer, click the Join button next to the Zoom meeting you want to join. 


5. The Zoom application will launch and you will be prompted to join with your computer's audio. Select Join with Computer audio.



6. Once you are connected, select the microphone icon in the lower left corner of your Zoom screen to Mute your microphone. 

Note: If you do not mute your microphone or turn off your computer's volume/sound then you will receive audio feedback in the classroom.


 Unmuted Microphone



Muted Microphone

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