Faculty - Downloading SMART Notebook to a Personal Device


Faculty - Downloading SMART Notebook to a Personal Device


This article will walk you through how to download SMART Notebook to a personal device so that you may create SMART Notebooks at home. 

Note: This process is for adding SMART Notebook to a personal device only. If you have SMART Notebook already installed on a College issued computer, then it will automatically update. 


1. Email the Help Desk at helpdesk@mc3.edu requesting access to SMART Notebook on your personal device. 



2. A confirmation will be provided via the Help Desk ticket you submitted via email letting you know when you may begin installing SMART Notebook to your personal device.

3. Navigate to the website https://www.smarttech.com/products/education-software/smart-learning-suite/download/purchased



4. In the SMART Notebook box on the page, select the type of operating system you are using (i.e. Windows or Mac). 

Then select the Download button.

5. Once the download has finished, select the Sign In button.  

6. Select Sign in with Microsoft


7. In the space provided, enter your College email address and select Next



8. You will now be taken to Montco's login page. 

Enter your College username and password then select Sign In.


9. You will be notified when you have successfully logged in and finished downloading SMART Notebook. 

Select OK in the lower right corner of the window. 


10. The SMART Notebook menu will now appear.

To open SMART Notebook, select the Start Exploring button in the lower right hand corner of the window. 


11. SMART Notebook will now open to a blank notebook page. 


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