Faculty - Zoom Dual Monitor Instructions: Hybrid and Flex Classroom


Faculty - Zoom Dual Monitor Instructions: Hybrid & Flex Classrooms

Hybrid/Flex classrooms have two monitors on the podium and a flatscreen TV in the front of the classroom. The purpose of the 2
nd monitor is to display the remote students on it and project it to the flatscreen TV so in-person students can see the remote students.

You only need to configure this Zoom settings per classroom. Meaning, if you teach in Classrooms A and B, you would configure this setting for Classroom A and again for Classroom B. 


1. Open Zoom. This can be found as an icon on the desktop or under the Start menu. 

  1. 2. Click Sign In. 



  1. 3. Click Sign In with SSO [1st choice on the right column of options].



  1. 4. Verify that mc3-edu is in the Company Domain field and then click Continue. If it’s not there, type it in as shown below. 

  1. 5. The following will display. Click Open zoom.us. 



  1. 6. Once logged in, click on the gear icon (below your picture in the top right) to go to your Zoom settings.  



 7. Under the “General” tab, make sure that “Use Dual Monitors” is selected. This will select the option below it as well, which is normal.



Optional [recommended]: On the screen above, you may wish to check off "Always show meeting controls." This will prevent you from having to hoover over the bottom of the Zoom meeting to make the meeting controls appear. Checking off this setting will always make the meeting controls available without the need to hoover. 


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